Why Are Frames Dropping in My Event?

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At its core, video is a series of still pictures, called frames, displayed quickly one after the other to create movement when live streaming. When you’re unable to display one or more frames at the frame rate you selected, that means frames are being dropped, which causes a noticeable stutter in your video. 

Check your Internet Connection

Dropped frames may indicate an issue with your internet connection or devices. If you’re using a Resi hardware encoder, first check your upload speed and make sure you have enough dedicated bandwidth to live stream at the resolution and frame rate you’ve selected.

A slow internet speed can cause frames to drop when using both hardware and software encoders. This means that you don’t have the upload speed to send frames fast enough to keep up with the frame rate you selected to broadcast with. 

In some cases, your internet speed may be lower than it should be. Resi has seen customers have success turning off the guest Wi-Fi during events or dedicating a specific amount of bandwidth to your encoder. If you’re still seeing dropped frames and suspect your upload speed is the cause, contact your ISP. 

Fixing Dropped Frames With ProPresenter

Frame drops also occur when a computer doesn’t have the resources to run video-capturing software properly. This could be the case if you’re using ProPresenter in conjunction with Resi. If the issue is your device, it doesn’t affect the Resi software encoder nor delivery of content to the cloud. 

If you’re experiencing frame drops with ProPresenter, first check your dedicated internet bandwidth and that you’re broadcasting with a resolution and frame rate it can support. Then, try allocating more resources to ProPresenter by closing other applications on your computer.

To run ProPresenter on your computer, Renewed Vision requires:

  • MacOs 10.15 or newer
  • Windows 10x64 Version 1809 or better

To run ProPresenter effectively on your computer, Renewed Vision recommends:

  • Mac: Intel  i3 processor or better, 8GB of RAM
  • Windows: Intel i3 processor (or equivalent AMD processor) or better
  • A dedicated graphics card (GPU) if outputting to 4 or more HD screens

It also recommends higher processing and graphics power to output at higher resolutions and framerates. For more specific processing and graphics requirements, check Renewed Vision’s ProPresenter system requirements

Choose a lower resolution or frame rate

In ProPresenter’s capture settings, choose a lower resolution or frame rate, such as 720p and 30fps, which require less bandwidth and resources to broadcast (learn more).  image1.png

Close other applications your computer may be running

This issue can also be resolved by allocating more resources to live streaming by closing programs and non-essential software running in the background. For example, you can close iCloud or OneDrive because they’re always using resources while running and syncing data between your device and the cloud.

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