Can I Restart a Failed Broadcast?

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If your broadcast fails or stops for any reason before you want it to, you can quickly start a new web video at the place you left off. While there’s no button to resume a stream, you can easily set a cue for the moment where the video left off and start broadcasting from there.


If your encoder stops encoding, first restart the encoder manually, then start a web video from the resulting encoder video.

1. Check Your Encoder

If you’re running a live event, first make sure your encoder is still running. If you’re re-broadcasting an event or an uploaded video, you can skip to step 2. Add a Cue Where You Left Off.

If your encoder stopped, manually restart it:

  1. Click the start button next to the encoder’s name on the Dashboard.  image2.png
  2. In the modal that appears, confirm the settings and click Start Encoder. Your encoder will start encoding content again and create a new encoder video in the Encoder Videos tab. 

If you see an error message, contact our technical support team. For more details, see our article on manually starting your encoder.

2. Add a Cue Where You Left Off 

If you start broadcasting a web video from the beginning, your stream will also start from the beginning. To start at the point where your broadcast failed, first add a cue, which is a timestamped marker denoting a specific spot in your video. 

  1. Navigate to Encoder Videos.
  2. Click the video you want to add a cue to.
  3. Using the web player scrub bar, find the spot in the video you want to begin broadcasting from. 
  4. In the Cues tab, click Add Cue. Screenshot
  5. Give the cue a name, then click Save Cue.   

3. Start a Web Video Using That Cue

Next, manually start a web video using the encoder video you want to broadcast and the cue you just created. 

  1. Navigate to Encoder Videos.
  2. Hover over the target encoder video > click the actions icon image4.png > Start a Web Videoimage1.png
  3. Configure the web video’s details including destinations, using the cue you created as the Start Position For Web Video. If your event had a previous stop position, make sure to set that too.  image5.png

Make sure to select the same web channel you were broadcasting to before. If you select a different web channel, it will broadcast the content stored in that channel instead, or if no content is active, the offline option selected.

  1. When you’ve finished configuring the web video, click Start. Your broadcast will start again where it left off.
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