How Can I Download a Video Encoded with HEVC?

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In some cases, you may want to encode your content with the HEVC codec, which provides high-quality video. To encode with HEVC, you must select or create an encoder preset, a set of audio/video instructions your encoder will use when capturing content, that uses the HEVC codec (Learn more). Select an encoder preset when scheduling or manually starting your encoder to capture content.

If you try to download a video that was encoded with the HEVC codec, you will receive an error.


Resi doesn't support downloads for HEVC-encoded videos.

How Can I Download My Video?

There are two ways to download your encoder video (Learn more):

1. Manually start a web video

If you subscribe to Resi's live streaming plan, you can manually start a web video (Learn more) from the encoder video you want to download. Even if encoded using HEVC, web videos are automatically transcoded to H264 in the cloud. Once the web video appears in your Web Videos tab, you can download it from there.

2. Encode using the H264 video codec

Create or edit an encoder preset (Learn more) that tells your encoder to use the H264 codec instead of HEVC. When you next encode content, you'll be able to download the video when it appears in your Encoder Videos tab. 

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