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Studio’s provides robust and useful data for events that have been broadcast to your Facebook pages, groups, and timelines. You can see analytics from your Facebook destinations and compare them with embedded video analytics, all in the same place. Just click on the Facebook destination tab on the Analytics page to get started.

How Often Does Studio Collect Facebook Data?

Data is collected from your Facebook account 24 hours after an event runs. Metrics are only calculated with views that were counted within this 24-hour period. Views after this window are not counted in either the chart or KPI cards. If you would like to see lifetime viewership trends for your Facebook events, you can do so by learning how to use Insights for Meta Business.

Remember that Facebook counts views and viewers only after they have watched 3 seconds or more of content, whereas Resi counts these metrics so long as the watch time is not 0.

Group and Timeline Data

For events broadcast to a group or timeline you cannot see data for events until they have been broadcast for the required 24 hours. Afterwards, you will be able to see a chart of concurrent viewership numbers for specific events. In addition, a KPI card located below your chart shows the number of peak concurrent viewers for the period in which data is gathered for your event.

Page Data

Aggregate data for your events can be seen by clicking the Page Data tab. From there, you can see the concurrent viewership timeline as well as a chart of average watch time for all events that were broadcast to a Facebook page within the selected timeframe. The available KPI cards below the charts represent peak viewership in terms of both viewers (the number of unique viewer IDs counted) and total views (the number of individual views counted).

By selecting a single event, you can see minute-to-minute live viewership trends, much like for Group/Timeline data. As such, the KPI card below the chart will show the peak number of concurrent viewers.

Exported data in the form of a CSV file is only available for Page data. This is because the Group/Timeline chart has the singular function of showing a minute-to-minute display of live viewership trends and does not include any other viewer data.

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