Adding Lower Thirds with Resi

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Lower thirds are text or graphic overlays that you place in the bottom portion of a screen during a live broadcast, replay, or uploaded video. To add lower thirds to your broadcasts in Studio,  you’ll need to use third-party software and/or peripherals (for example an ATEM switcher), in your signal path before the encoder. 

If you’re looking to add subtitles to your broadcast, Resi offers automated subtitles for its embedded player (Learn more), presented in the lowest third of the screen, without added software or peripherals. Subtitles are a great way to improve your content’s accessibility and broadcast to a wider audience. Contact your Customer Success Manager or reach out to to add automated subtitles to your account.

If you’re broadcasting to a physical location, you can add a 12-character text overlay to your broadcasts in the decoder interface. Learn more

Using Lower Thirds with ProPresenter

Resi recommends ProPresenter because it seamlessly integrates with Studio for a smooth broadcasting experience to the web and social media. You can use ProPresenter in conjunction with live streaming software or a hardware switcher to add lower thirds to your videos. 

On its website, Renewed Vision provides a step-by-step tutorial video for adding lower thirds to your broadcast using live streaming software. 

Renewed Vision also provides a step-by-step tutorial video for adding lower thirds to your broadcast using a hardware switcher, for example, a Blackmagic ATEM or ATEM Mini. 

Other Presentation Software to Use Lower Thirds

While ProPresenter integrates with Studio seamlessly using its themes to add lower thirds, similar software can also add lower thirds to broadcasts. For example, see OBS Studio.

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