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Embedding a Resi video or sharing a standalone player link gives your viewers access to a number of playback control features. Web player shortcuts are available when you are either in fullscreen mode or you have clicked on a playback control button without clicking outside of the player (i.e. the player has focus). These shortcuts are also available in a Studio video preview while in fullscreen mode.

Keyboard Shortcut



Default action: play/pause the video.

Alternate action: if a web player button has been previously clicked (i.e. the button has focus), you can then use the spacebar to activate that button as a shortcut. For instance, clicking the skip forward button will allow you to use the spacebar to skip forward until you click on another button).


Pause/play the video.


Mute/unmute the video.

j / left arrow

Seek backward 10 seconds in the player.

l / right arrow

Seek forward 10 seconds in the player.


While the video is paused, move forward one frame at a time.


While the video is paused, rewind one frame at a time.


Speed up the video playback rate 0.25x speed and up to 2x.


Slow down the video playback rate 0.25x speed and down to 0.5x.

Numbers 1 to 9 on the top of the keyboard (not on the numeric pad)

Move forward or backwards to segments of the video based on the percentage of the video that has been watched. E.g. pressing the “3” key will jump to 30% from the start of the video and pressing the “1” key will take you back to 10% from start.

Number 0 on the seek bar (not on the numeric pad)

Seek to the beginning of the video.


Activate subtitles if available. To hide subtitles, press C again.


Move to the next video in a playlist.


Move to the previous video in a playlist.

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