How Do I Stop Multiple Destinations at Once?

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When broadcasting to multiple web and social media destinations, you can stop any combination of active destinations using the Stop button in the event’s details page. This is useful if you have multiple live broadcasts and only need to stop specific destinations or if you need to keep your encoder running but stop your broadcast. For example, if YouTube and/or Facebook are flagging your content to take down, you can stop all social media destinations in one place while your embedded player continues broadcasting the music and content you need.

You can also stop all event broadcasts by stopping your encoder. Stopping the encoder causes all destinations to stop. If you want to restart the event, you need to start an entirely new web video. Learn more

This guide assumes you’ve already scheduled an event and the event is currently running. For a step-by-step guide to scheduling events, see Schedule an Event.

How Do I Stop Multiple Broadcasts at Once?

  1. Navigate to the Schedule page in Studio. 
  2. Click the live event for which you want to stop multiple destinations.
  3. Click the Stop button in the top-right corner.stop_multiple_destinations.png
  4. A modal will appear with all active broadcasts for the event displayed. In the modal, select all destinations you want to stop broadcasting to.stop_multiple_destinations_selection.png

If you select the encoder under Encoder Video, all destinations will automatically be selected to stop because the encoder video itself will stop. A warning will appear stating that all destinations will stop broadcasting.  stop_multiple_destinations_encoder.png

  1. Click Stop Selected.
  2. The destinations you selected will stop broadcasting content

Once you stop destinations in Studio, they’ll broadcast the remaining time in your stream delay (typically 90 seconds) before concluding.

On Facebook and YouTube, your viewers will be able to replay the video once it has ended. On the web, your embedded player will display an offline image, allow viewers to replay the most recently broacast content, or a message that content isn’t available, depending on the offline option you selected for the web channel. Learn more

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