Add or Change Offline Images in Web Channels

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When you don’t have any content broadcasting, your embedded player can display an image to viewers instead of streaming the most recent content or displaying a message that there’s no content available. You can add the offline image to any existing web channel in the Web Channels page in Studio.

How Do I Add or Change an Offline Image?

To add an offline image to a web channel:

  1. Navigate to the Web Channels page in Studio.
  2. Click the web channel you want to add an offline image to. 
  3. Click the edit icon image2.png in the top-right corner. 
  4. Click the Content tab. 
  5. Under Offline Content Options, select Upload an imageimage1.png
  6. Click Upload Thumbnail. If you’re changing an existing image, it will say Replace Thumbnail.
  7. In the modal that appears, find the image you want to upload. The image should be .jpg, .jpeg, or .png, with a maximum file size of 2MB. For the best results, the image should be 16x9.
  8. If the file meets Resi’s requirements, the image will appear. Click UploadScreen_Shot_2022-12-07_at_3.27.00_PM.png
  9. Click Save.  
  10. Any time the web channel isn’t broadcasting content, your embedded player will now show the image you uploaded. 
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